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Let us run your data centre

Fuzion offers flexible solutions for your specific needs. Below, you can read about our data centre operations.

Increasing demands for uptime, documentation, energy savings and economy have made data management a job for specialists. This is where Fuzion’s staff can help. We have two decades of experience in operating and developing data centres to meet the needs of even the most demanding users.

Fuzion can flexibly enter into different forms of cooperation, from hourly assistance to the purchase and takeover of your data centre, depending on your situation and needs. So, if you find that you are getting too much or too little space in the data centre, and are facing major upgrade projects that do not match your organisation or strategy, contact us for a chat about your future data centre solution.

Examples of when Fuzion can be the right partner:

  • You have a larger data center, but find that requirements for increased uptime, automation, energy optimization and service do not match your organization.
  • Your data center is getting too big or too small – which means it’s getting too expensive to operate or insufficient. Here, Fuzion can help by taking over operations and using excess space for other Fuzion customers or giving you extra space in one of our other data centers in combination with you choosing to stay in your current data center.
  • You are faced with larger projects that you are not sure can be defended based on the considerations of investment and depreciation compared to moving to an external data center.

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A high level of professionalism is evident at Fuzion. I trust that everything works, and when mistakes are made, they are corrected quickly and professionally. At Team.Blue, we are very flexible towards our customers and expect Fuzion to be likewise. So far, it works flawlessly.

Mark Villadsen

Senior Network Architect, Team.Blue



The location of the Fuzion data centre is optimal for us, but the data centre infrastructure is just as important - it gives us access to everything we need. And if we need help in the data centre, a technician is always available to help.

Thomas Gustafsson

Owner, IP Nord



Fuzion's staff are extremely flexible with a wide skill set. There is a great willingness to find solutions to more complex problems, and tasks are always followed through to the end. In short, switching to Fuzion has been the perfect match for us.

Max Schläger Nielsen

Partner & CTO, Serverforce

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