Fuzion - a modern data center provider in Denmark

Fuzion was establish in 2001. Today it is a leading Danish provider of colocation with modern data centers in Skanderborg, Viby J., Aarhus, Randers and Copenhagen.

In Fuzion we want to make data center and IT infrastructure operations more sustainable while also making it more flexible for our more than 100 customers.

Our modern facilities are the ideal home for customer working with critical IT infrastructure such as public cloud, IOT, online apps, internet an much more now and in the future.

Since 2018 Fuzion has been owned by a small group of Danish investors with knowledge and expertise in infrastructure, customer service and online services.

You will find our modern data centers in these five Danish cities


Viby J.




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    VEST / HQ
    Fuzion A/S
    Niels Bohrs Vej 35
    8660 Skanderborg

    Fuzion A/S
    Ringager 4A
    2605  Brøndby

    CVR 25780582